Welcome to the Age of Illusion

Based on Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, this mud is a mix of Roleplay, Mob-killing, and Player-killing.  We pride ourselves in being as close to the books as possible.

Set in the time before the Dragon Reborn has revealed himself, Age of Illusion offers players a place to enjoy themselves.  Nobility across the world plays the Game of Houses.  Aes Sedai plot, the Wheel turns.  Where are you?

We offer:

  • Guilds such as White Tower, Borderguard, Darkfriend, Shadowspawn, Black Tower (when RP opens it up)
  • Custom leveling:  Channelers choose what they would like their powers to be.  Want a female channeler who has a bit of power in fire?  Just add more power to your fire sphere. No two channelers are the same.  Overall strength is randomly generated based on what you put into your spheres; the higher number you put in, the more powerful it will be.
  • Talents:  We offer Cloud Dancing, Foretelling, Dreaming, Wolfkin, Viewing, Sniffing, and many more
  • Masteries:  Blademaster, Speardancer, Axemaster, and more are available when you reach level 90.  Once you reach 95 in the skill, you get your mastery weapon.
  • RP:  We have a great RP system.  If you have your RP flag on, you get auto-rewards in both quest points and experience for your roleplay.
  • Special weaves and skills:  Aes Sedai can Bond, male and female channelers can link,and many many more surprises.